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Whidbey Island Wa. Real Estate, FSBO Internet home selling & buying 24 hours a day!
Whidbey Real Estate for sale by owner
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Looking to sell or buy real estate on Whidbey Island WA? Our For Sale by Owner real estate pages allows you to sell or buy a home or property without getting an agent involved. Real Estate agents cost the seller alot of money! FSBO allows a seller to offer a lower selling price on their property or home. You'll also find helpful local links for buyers and sellers of real estate related businesses that will help you through the stages of selling or buying property "for sale by owner" on Whidbey Island.

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Information for the SELLER...

Home/Property Seller
Money back Guarantee!
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How to get a FSBO listing ad page constructed & posted

What is and why FSBO?

Do the math!

How does this work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ad Pricing Information

Post a free classified ad

Home/Property Photograph Pricing We can do the photograph work for you!

Get Started Submit text and photo's for your ad

Right to Advertise Agreement

How do I price my property?

Home Inspection 

Local Lenders

Closing Options

$475.00 total cost to seller. Ad will run until your home or property sells!
See a sample Enhanced listing Here

How does your service work?
We are the coach you are the player.  Our goal is to give you the tools and the information to be successful at finding a qualified buyer for your home or property.  Since most serious home buyers are using the Internet to help them in their home search, we begin by building a custom web site page for your potential buyers to view.  It will become a point of reference for your marketing campaign.  Each home is given it's own custom built web site page and unique web address. You're then able to bypass our home page and send buyers directly to your web page ad first.  By including your web site address on your yard sign, flyers, newspaper ad/s and answering machine message, you give buyers a place to get more information if they aren't able to reach you right away. 

Your web page ad allows buyers from out of your area to look at the photos of your home on the internet and listen to you give them a “tour” over the phone.  When buyers see your web site address in the newspaper, they'll look it up on the web and get the facts without the abbreviations.  Think about it.  When you receive a phone call from a buyer that has seen your web site, they already know what your home looks like, where it is located, how much you are asking and they want to see it in person!  You have a “pre-screened” interested buyer! 

Additionally, we provide local resources so there is a local business that can assist the home seller with each phase of the transaction.  For example, there are inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, title companies, lenders, and closing companies that will assist home sellers.  Many of these companies would be involved no matter if the home was sold by the owner or with a real estate agent. The difference is the home seller does the delegating instead of an agent and the home seller saves thousands of dollars for just a little effort on their part. We also have articles and links to businesses that can help you throughout the sale of your property.

Why advertise at FSBO Visitwhidbey? receives on average of 10,000+ unique visitors every month!
See for yourself, Click Here to see our webstats. Once there click on the MONTH you would like to read a report on. Then scroll down on that page and click on (View All URLs) this will show in detail all pages in our web site and the amount of visitors those particular page have had to date during that month. Look for page/s URLs (/property.html) and (/for-sale-by-owner.html) The number to the far left indicates the total amount of visitors those pages have had to date for that month. Keep in mind, FSBO Visitwhidbey is a new service that we provide. As time goes by our FSBO pages will receive even more traffic as we establish them on the internet search engines! 

What is the difference between your service & your competitors?
Two words. Motive and traffic.  Every local real estate competitor we've ever known has owned another type of real estate related business and used a "for sale by owner" web site to provide leads for their other business.  Because we devote our time exclusively to assisting our customers in successfully marketing their property, we are able to establish our web site as one of the Top Real Estate web sites based on traffic volume.  None of the other for sale by owner web sites can come close to the volume of traffic that is targeted to our specific area because none of them have an office or web site that supports exclusively a "for sale by owner" system in the Whidbey Island Area.

What is the average market time for FSBO properties?
For homes that are priced accurately, the average market time is typically less then agent listed properties.  The biggest factor in determining your market time is the accuracy of your price.  Other variables include: time of year, market conditions, additional marketing exposure and whether or not you answer your phone and return calls from buyers. 

Can I advertise my property in the newspaper as well?
Yes.  The more places you advertise your web site, the better.  For example, if you include your web site address in your newspaper ad, it will increase the number of people that look at your web site by about 20%.

Do you help me price my home?
We have some good resources in this area, our staff does not give pricing advice. This is such an important factor to a short market time, it is best left to the experts.

How long is my home/property on the web site?
It will stay there as long as you need it there until you notify our office in writing that it is sold, listed or off the market.   There are no monthly fees or hosting fees to keep your home advertised at FSBO 

Can I make changes to my web page?
Yes. For security reasons, all changes must be approved and proven by the seller. Please use the same email address you used when you submitted your listing to us. This will confirm to us that the change request is actually from you and not someone else! Or phone us at 509-340-3802.

Change photo or text on existing Web Page $10 
Price or Phone Number Update to Existing Web Page No Charge

How much does it cost?
We offer two levels of service: 
  • Free "text only" listing on our Classified ads Page. You post it!
  • Full enhanced ad. You supply the pictures and all the written information with up to 10 pictures we will work up your pictures to include small thumb nail pictures with click on Blow-up pictures plus up to 250 words of text information. 
  • $475.00 total cost to you. Ad will run until your home or property sells!
  • Click Here to view a SAMPLE listing
Photo Shoot
We also offer the option of a photo shoot of your property/home. We will do all the photographing work for you. We're located on the South end of Whidbey Island. Photo shoot cost on the South end of the Island (Greenbank to the far South End): $100.00.

From the Greenbank area Northward to Oak harbor: $140.00.
We may take up to 20 or 30 pictures of your home/property. We will use the 10 best ones that you approve for your listing!

Get Started
You have two options for submitting your photos and text information to us.
We prefer that you email your pictures and listing information to us. Click Here to email us.

When sending us pictures by email, be sure they are decent quality pictures in a fairly large size, around 10 inches or so at the largest. JPG format is best. We will then size the pictures to include  small, fast loading thumb nail pictures with click on blow up larger pictures! No more then 10 pictures total. In addition to the ten pictures that are included in our listing package price. Extra pictures are $10 each.

If you send your pictures and text information to us by standard post mail, there are some additional charges for this method. Paper photographs would need to be scanned, enhanced and sized by us, this takes time. The cost to prepare your paper photographs per each picture would be $5.00 each. This cost is to cover our time spent to prepare (Scan) the paper pictures to be posted to the internet.

If you're sending your text information to us by standard post mail there would be a charge of $15.00 to cover our time to retype the information to be posted to your internet listing.

What ever method you choose to submit your written information to us, BE SURE to check it over very well for errors. It's your responsibility to be sure all spelling, grammar etc. is correct as you wish it to be. We are willing to help you with all this if needed.

CLICK HERE for an example of a real estate listing we have created for you to use as a guideline. This may help you with putting together your listing information in a proper fashion.

We have a $10.00 charge for any corrections, additions and or deletions to your listing. Be SURE to get it right the very first time! Of course any errors we may make on your listing would be corrected at no charge to you.

OK, you've decided to list your property at FSBO, so let's get started!
First Click on this link to fill out the property listing form. Once you have completed filling out this form we will confirm to you by email that we have received it. Then we will request your payment and give you your payment options. Or you can simply follow the Secure payment page link below to make your payment after you've filled out the listing form. Or phone us with your credit card info.

We accept Visa-Master and American Express cards, Checks or Money orders. Click Here to make your payment on our SSL Secure payment form. All payment method information is on this form.

Phone 509-340-3802

What is FSBO?
FSBO means For Sale By Owner. This term is used to identify property, normally homes, sold by the homeowner without any professional help from a real estate agent. FSBO properties are normally advertised on websites, in classified ads, or through word of mouth.

Why buy FSBO?
Buying a home directly from the owner can be very favorable. This type of transaction has two major advantages:

#1 It saves you money. The 6-7% commission that real estate agents normally charge will often be added to the total cost of the property. Consequently, you will be able to find a better deal if you buy FSBO.

#2 It saves you time. You skip the third party (the real estate agent) and deal directly with the homeowner. The communication is likely to be more direct, faster, and to the point when you're buying FSBO. 

Why sell FSBO?
If you're about to sell your home going FSBO might be a good idea. This is why:

You know your own home better than any real estate agent. 
You can advertise your home where and how you want to. 
You make money, since you don't have to pay commission to a real estate agent. You can even afford to sell your home below the market value, and still come out on top. 
You can sell your house faster. This is because you're able to offer a better price than if you used a real estate agent!

Let's do the math
House/Property sales price: $400,000
Real Estate Agents Commission percentage take: (6%)
Total commission paid to the agent: $24,000 at (6% of $400,000)
This means a For Sale by Owner "FSBO" deal can reduce the sale price of a $400,000 property by as much as $24,000 or even more! Does an agent really need to earn upwards to $1,200 per hour? We think not! Doesn't a price of $376,000 sound better to the buyer then $400,000? Of course it's better, it's MUCH better! Now you have an alternative. Seller can now afford to offer the property at below market value, the property will sell much quicker. The Buyer gets a much lower buying price. Selling and Buying FSBO is Win Win situation!

Privacy Policy
FSBO we recognize that you expect privacy and security for the non-public personal information we may collect from you. We fully understand the need to safeguard sensitive information about you and we maintain standards and procedures designed to prevent misuse of this information. 

We collect, retain and use information about you only to help us administer our services. We do not provide non-public personal information to other companies or individuals including independent telemarketing, direct mail marketing companies or real estate agents or anyone else for that matter!
We are the only independent (for sale by owner) marketing company on Whidbey Island that is not affiliated with any real estate agents or real estate brokers of any kind.

Want to advertise in our guide to Whidbey Island? email us
We would be happy to custom build you a web page ad.
Phone: 509-340-3802. 
Ask to speak with Bill

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